Kasargod, Kerala - India

In the south west of India, a social and environmental disaster.

Endosulfan is a toxic pesticide that has been widely spread by helicopter on cashew plantations since the Green revolution and that has been forbidden in 2001. Today, 16 years after, it is still in the ground and the water. There are still children born, heavily handicapped.
Many deaths have been counted and there are still more than 6000 victims. The companies responsible for selling this product do nothing. The government is also widely responsible because the product was spread on their land. Since a couple of years, they have established a compensation for the victims.

But the fees for medicine are much higher. Therefore they have to lend money to their relatives and neighbours as the bank don’t support them.

But in the middle of this pure disaster, people are still happy, they keep the smile and there is a lot of love around the victims.

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