Aruni and Devdath - victims of pesticides DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER VICTIMS OF PESTICIDES VIEW ARTICLE Kid in the street of Kathmandu STREET KIDS VIEW ARTICLE Deforestation in Indonesia - An orangutan eats bananas in a reserve DEFORESTATION IN INDONESIA VIEW ARTICLE Geoffrey Langtang National Park eco adventure ECO-ADVENTURER SOLO TREK IN NEPAL VIEW ARTICLE Geoffrey in the desert without money 16359KM OF GENEROSITY VIEW ARTICLE From Beijing to Paris without money Geoffrey on top of mast - Transat TRANSATLANTIC VIEW ARTICLE Hitchhike across the ocean 1000km for the environment - Bike, vegetarian, zero waste 1000KM FOR THE ENVIRONMENT VIEW ARTICLE Bike, vegetarian, zero waste À Real de Catorce, terre sacrée du Mexique REAL DE CATORCE VIEW ARTICLE Peyote ritual and jog in Luna sandals Geoffrey after speech in Kerala school SPEAKER SCHOOL OF LIFE

A simple human being connecting others with images, words and acts

Signature Geoffrey Roy photographer and eco-adventurer

Jojo photojournalist train India


I disappear behind the camera. Become no one, to capture the subtle. Give all importance to the subject in front of me. Show the things that matter to understand and protect life on earth.

Jojo eco adventurer volcano Lanzarote


I embrace the world and throw myself in the hands of destiny, follow the wind and become one with everything. On a quest to learn about others, I learn about myself. Connecting to people and nature, the lessons of life come to me to give more sense to my existence.

Jojo Speaker


I stand in front of the audiences that want to hear the results of the experiences I have lived. I go back in time, show the images and bring the emotion back to life.

From France to Uruguay by sailing boat and bicycle


– Current project –

10000km sailing, 5000km by bike

To provoke a positive impact around awareness of the miracle of life, then a path of gestures and actions to defend the living by going to realize the dream of meeting Pépé Mujica, ex-president of Uruguay.

On the program: pure adventure, a photo report on the actors of the world of tomorrow, and visits to schools to lead the youngest to action.

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20 images of fine art

Eyes on beauty - in color

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

From Beijing to Paris

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